15 minute initial phone consultation Free, to see if Point of Balance is right for you

Initial consult (90 min) $100

Follow up visit (90 min) $75

Follow up visit (60 min) $60

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Cupping session (30 min) $40

Herbal consultation (30 min) $40 + cost of herbs

Dietary consultation (45 min) $50

Package Sessions

Package Sessions- please inquire

We value preventative health and wellness so that you can feel good in every stage of your life. To get the most out of your treatment program, it is best to schedule multiple sessions over a dedicated period of several weeks.  Acupuncture treatments accumulate in the body as you re-pattern and tell your body: “we are changing the landscape of how we operate now”. This requires repetition and consistency.  Please consider this treatment recommendation when scheduling.  This allows us to collaborate and provide the most realistic treatment plan to help you get the best result possible.