Customized Care

Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM is most known for its main modality of Acupuncture.   Acupuncture is a practice that has been utilized in China for thousands of years. Using meridian channels throughout the body, acupuncture directs qi (pronounced chee)  to help redistribute and calibrate our body’s natural ability to heal.  Often coupled with one of the following other modalities to best assist the body on its journey towards wellness.  There are other tools and modalities we also use and based on your health needs, we customize your treatment for what best suites your bodies need for balance.

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Cupping, or Fire Cupping, is a method of moving qi and blood in the body to relax the muscle layers. This alleviates pain in the body and eases the body out of tension. It also rids the body of toxins and impurities through the pores and can detoxify the skin. Helpful when you are feeling under the weather from illnesses such as common cold or flu.


Moxabustion or ‘Moxa’ is an effective heating therapy that stimulates circulation and brings warmth to areas to promote healing. We do this with an herb called Mugwort (artemesia vulgaris), which is known to stimulate white blood cell count in the body to boost immune function. Also giving warmth to areas prone to cold or lack of circulation and relaxing muscles in tension or achy joints and tissue.


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Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine- From regulating hormones to releiving pain levels and assisting organ functions to clear infections or acute diseases, herbal medicine can help. With little to no side effects or drug interactions, herbs are something that everyone should have in their medicine cabinet. Knowledge about herbs gives our bodies a better chance for longevity and brings us closer to the root of the health problem rather than a cover-up for the symptoms we experience.

Sourcing our herbs with great care, through GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) and third party testing, all herbs come from Urban Herbs Co, a local non-profit herbal pharmacy to which their mission is providing the best quality and highest standard possible. 

Customize your care.