‘Let your food be thy medicine and your medicine be thy food’ –Hippocrates


Here at Point of Balance we believe what you eat determines the state of your health and can help you heal from the inside out. 

There are so many options out there for what 'diet' is right for you. What makes you feel your best and what can help you thrive?

What may be healthy for one individual may not be for another. When we have an adequate (whole food, balanced) diet there is little need for medicine and there are at least three opportunities a day to digest healthy meals and what we choose to eat can greatly impact our wellness. Based on your symptoms we can help you shape your diet into a plan to discover what foods should be added or limited while your body is healing. 

Here, we value education on which foods will benefit your body along with guidance and meal planning. Our goal is to help you discover practical, beneficial and healthy meals—especially when cooking for your entire family.  Tips on easy ways to make food healthy and fun when cooking for 1 or 6 people all week long. 


We have nothing if we do not have our health